User Roles and Permissions

Understanding User Roles in Records365

Records365 provides 3 built-in roles with different permissions. Each permission is generally associated with specific functional areas and can help you control the correct access level for each user.

Users with the Records Visitor role can be granted additional access to functional areas via Security Profiles. For more information about Security Profiles see the Security Profiles page.

Permissions/Role Application Administrator Records Manager Records Visitor Disposal Approver
View User Dashboard
View Records & Folders Details
View Records & Folders History
View Audit Events
Filter Records & Folders
Search Records & Record Folders  –  Simple Search
Search Records & Record Folders  –  Advanced Search
View File Plan *
Add / Edit Record Categories *
Add / Edit Retention Schedules *
View Rules *
Add / Edit / Delete Rules (Criteria & Action) *
View Records due for Disposal *
Dispose Records *
View Connectors Details
Add / Edit Connectors
Manually Reschedule Records *
Add / Remove Holds *
View Holds
View My Disposal Approval *

** Additional access can apply if the user is a member of a Security Profile that grants access to functional area.