A Freeze suspends or extends the lifecycle of records that cannot be destroyed on schedule because of special circumstances, such as a court order or an investigation. Records can continue to be modified whilst being held under a hold.

Freezes can only be applied to Records and can be applied to one or more Records at a time. Multiple freezes can be applied to a single record, allowing for all items affected by an investigation to be managed at the same time.

In Records365 all users can view and search for items that have one or more Freezes applied. They can also see the details of those Freezes, and see from a Record’s Details page if it is on one or more Freeze.

Create and apply a Freeze

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Search page.
  2. Enter the search criteria and perform the Search
  3. Select one or more items. Freezes can be applied in bulk, so, for example, all documents for a particular court order can be placed under the same Freeze in one action.
  4. With one or more Records selected, click Manage Freezes. Freezes can only be applied to Records and not Record Folders.
  1. A sidebar will appear where a Freeze can be applied to the selected set of records. An existing Freeze can be selected or a New Freeze can be created to be applied to the selected items.
  1. When adding a new Freeze, enter a Title and Description for the Freeze.
  2. Add a Comment specific to the Records being placed on Freeze, then click Apply. Disposal is now suspended for these records until the freeze is removed.