Records365’s robust search engine allows you to explore all of your Records, no matter which content source they reside in.

Use quick, simple queries from the Search Bar at the top of each screen, or perform an Advanced Search to construct complex queries and use a wide range of search operators.

From any page in Records365, you can perform a quick search using the search bar at the top of the page. This search performs a Contains text search against the following properties of your Records:

  • Title
  • Record Number
  • Author
  1. To perform an Advanced Search, click on the Advanced Search link next to the Search Bar at the top.
  1. Enter a condition to search on:
    1. Select a Property
    2. Select a Operator
    3. Enter the Search text
  2. The Advanced search can include multiple conditions. To add more conditions click on Add Condition to refine your search. Click on Search after the necessary conditions have been updated.
  1. The Searching on field is editable and the logical operators AND/OR can be edited directly in this text box. You can also use parentheses if you want to indicate precedence of certain conditions e.g. 1 OR (2 AND 3). Click on the logical condition adjacent to the Searching on field. Click on Search to reflect the change in the search results.